Recent Sermons

What to Expect

When visiting a church for the first time most of us are a little nervous. We don't know what to expect, how people will treat us, what to wear or if we'll fit in. At Birdville you are our special guest. You are invited to attend our services and Bible classes anytime.

When you enter our doors, expect a lot of handshakes and introductions, as we strive to make everyone feel welcome. We're all different people at different points in our lives. Some are young mothers, others are recently retired. Some are business owners and others high school students. You'll notice that some will be wearing suits, some jeans, some dresses and others pants. Most dress up for Sunday morning services, while Sunday and Wednesday evenings are more relaxed. You can sit wherever you like, and don't let a crying baby keep you from coming. If you feel the need, we also have a room at the back of the auditorium just for you and your baby.
Throughout our services we will sing worship songs and pray together. We'll take communion and have a contribution, and you can choose to partake in either of these if you like but no one will expect you to. We'll have a sermon and an opportunity for anyone who needs prayers or to be baptized to come forward. Every service and Bible class that we offer is an opportunity for us to praise God and encourage each other.
We hope to see you sometime soon!

Our Mission...

Why do we exist?
Our mission as a congregation of the body of Christ is to create an encouraging environment of love, worship and learning for everyone that we encounter, and to take the love of Christ to our families, co-workers, friends, neighbors and communities.

History of Our Location

On February 26, 1852, soon after Birdville became the Tarrant County Seat, 12 charter members attended this congregation's first worship service. After reorganizing in 1882, the members met in the Birdville school building. In 1900, Richard M. Gano, the well-known evangelist and confederate general, conducted a revival. The land at the current Carson Street location was acquired from the John McCord family and a frame building was erected in 1906. After a 1950 fire, the current brick auditorium was constructed and then repaired after a 1970 fire.